Minister hurt in mishap

Karur, Tamil Nadu, Apr 12: Tamil Nadu Revenue Minister Thoppu Venkatachalam was slightly injured in a road accident in which a multi-collision of convoy of cars of other ministers and top officials of the State Government was involved, near Cauvery Bridge at Musiri, near here, today. Police said Tamil Nadu Ministers led by State Finance Minister O Panneerselvam and a team of Government officials were on their way to Perambalur to make on the spot study about withered crops, when the accident occurred. The convoy of cars passed the Cauvery River Bridge inbetween Kulithalai and Musiri in which the Revenue Minister's car driver did not notice a speed breaker. He applied sudden brakes when the driver of the another car of the State Local Administrtation Minister K P Munusamy, who lost control, dashed the rear side of the Revenue Minister's car and subsequently other cars of the officials were also involved in the collision in which at least three cars were damaged, police added. Revenue Minister Thoppu Venkatachalam was given first aid at Government Hospital Musiri after which the Minister and officials left for Perambalur,police said.

- Agencies

Published On : Apr 13, 2013