UPA Govt will savour power till end, no early polls: Rajnath

Chennai, Feb 7  : BJP National President Rajnath Singh today said the party does not think that elections to Lok Sabha would be held earlier than in the summer of 2014 when the term of the present Congress led UPA-II government would end.

"I don't think so, the UPA would like to enjoy power till the last day of its term," he said at a press conference here when asked h the party foresaw early Parliament elections. Mr Singh lambasted the UPA Government alleging that it had failed on all fronts: 'economic, security, strategy and diplomacy.' He charged that on the diplomatic front, for the past eight years the UPA Government's bilateral ties with almost all the neighbouring countries had been constrained due to its lack of will power and sense of application.

"On one hand we have Pakistan pursuing its anti-India policies and on the other hand there is China encircling India from all directions. Both are working in tandem against India's strategic interests," he charged. He that charged India had recently given 'management control' of Gwadar port to China, allowing it a strong foothold just close to Arabian Sea. Even Sri Lanka traditionally a 'friendly' neighbour, has warmed up to the idea of striking a straight partnership with China by giving it access to Hambantota port.

He also alleged that UPA government's failure on economic front was borne out by the fact that the GDP growth rate was just five per cent for current financial year. "It is not high as claimed by the Finance Minister (P Chidambaram). During time of the BJP led NDA Government of A B Vajpayee it was 8.4 per cent," he claimed.

- Agencies

Published On : Feb 07, 2013