Vaithilingam demands apology from 3 N R Cong. MLA

Puducherry, Nov 23 : Strongly condemning the reported disruption of the speech by Congress Legislator Thirumurugan at the world fisheries day function in Karaikal by an N R Congress Minister and two legislators, Senior Congress leader and leader of the opposition V Vaithilingam today demanded that the three should tender an open apology, failing which he would raise a previllege issue in the assembly.

Addressing a press conference here, he charged that the N R Congress government is following an authoritarian attitude and minsiter M Chandragasu and Legislators P R Siva and V M C Sivakumar had grabbed the mike of Thirumurugan, a Congress legislator of Karaikal when he raised the issues confronted by the fishermen in the region. This is a denial of right to speak, anti-democratic and an action of ignoring the fishermen community.

Mr Vaithilingam said the N R Congress governemnt failed to impliment any schemes for the development of Karaikal after it came to power ,while the congress during it's regme had implemented several schemes. All the works are pending after Novemeber last year. He said adding that not even a single paise was given to the professional students selected through the centralized admission committee of the govenrment as fees reimbursement by Mr Rangasamy so far.

Mr Vaithilingam said the police department is not under the control of the police and it is now under the clutches of rowdies. To a question Mr.Vaithilingam said that the congress will never ask to put on hold the conduct of local body elections on the grounds that the delimitation of wards were not properly done. He said that the station election commission could not do the delimitation work and the governemnt shoud have find some mechanism to do it.There are also iregularities such as reservation for women in the same ward and reservation for SC where there was no SC population was there etc.

PCC president A V Subramanian who was also present at the press conference also condemend the disruption of Thirumurugan's speech. Mr Subramanian said the UPA led by the congress will once again come topower after the next parliament elections. He said a meetignpertaining to the holding of civic polls for Bahour, Nettapakkam and Emablom constituency will be held at the pcc office tomorrow,for Muthialpet constituency on November 28 and for Ouppalam constituency on November 30.

- Agencies

Published On : Nov 23, 2012