Centre to up healthcare spending to 2.5% of GDP: Dr Gyani

Chennai, Dec 07 : The Centre was expected to increase the budgetary allocation for health care from the present 0.9 per cent of the GDP to 2.5 per cent in the 12th five year plan, Quality Council of India (QCI) Secretary General Dr Giridhar Gyani said today.

Talking to reporters after launching 'ACME-PULSE', a Third Party Patient Survey and Support Programme by ACME Consulting here, he said the government share in health care has drastically come down from 50 per cent to a mere 17 per cent in the last five years, because of the growth of private hospitals. "The Government spending in health care is a mere 0.9 per cent, when compared to 45 and 57 per cent in Sri Lanka and Malaysia respectively", he said.

Dr Gyani said there was pressure on the Planning Commission from the Health Ministry to increase the allocation for the health care sector from 0.9 per cent to 2.5 per cent of the GDP in the 12th plan. "The budgetary allocation for health care is expected to go up to 2.5 per cent of the GDP, which will be a substantial hike", he added. He attributed the reason for the decline in government spending over the years due to scarcity of resources and not opening up new hospitals, while allowing private players in the field.

- Agencies

Published On : Dec 07, 2012

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