A very special birthday for Tamil super star Rajni: fans gift bash

 A very special birthday for Tamil super star Rajni: fans gift bash

Chennai, Dec 12 : 12-12-12 is not just a rare 'occurrence' of a date in the calendar: for the innumerable fans of Tamil super star Rajnikant this was an event today.

Its a special day for the actor known for his style and punch dialogues in about the 176 films he had acted since being discovered by one of Tamil cinema's geniuses Dadasaheb Phalke Awardee K Balachander discovered this bus conductor in 1975 and shaped him into the numero uno in Tamil film industry with one of his block busters 'Apoorva Ragangal.' Ironically, Balachander introduced Rajjni, who then walked his way into the hearts of film buffs especially yuoths all over India, as a villain.

Rajni's birthday became an event for his fans today as it came even as his fans are waiting for their hero to regale them again in his forthcoming film 'Kochadayan'. The film will be the first since the actor, known for his humble nature and a humane heart, so to speak, took ill- during the launch of a new film of his 'Rana' in' which he was to play three roles, in 2010. The films was shelved as Rajni was rushed to Singapore for treatment.

And as his fans got up novel celebrations all over the state, it was appropriate that his mentor Balachander cut a cake weighing 64 kg at a cinema hall in Chennai city in the presence of other iconic directors like Shankar (Robot), S P Muthuraman- who made many hits with Rajni, P Vasu('Maqnnan') and K S Ravikumar('Padayappa') and Suresh Krishna('Veera', 'Badsha'). Suresh Krishna also released a book 'Badhahavum Naanum' on arguably Tamil commercial cinema's most charismatic actorWhile a number of his Kollywood colleagues, eagerly looking forward to see the 'super hero' on screen again in 'Kotchadayan' directed by his younger daughter Sowndarya and Ravikumar, greeted him, the Chennai Rajnikanth Fans Association led by one of his die hard fans P S Ashok got up a number of programmes in the city.

This included a light music programme at the YMCA Grounds, 'Patti Manram' a discussion on why Rajni became such a phenomenon in which Directors Vasu and R V Udayakumar also participated. Talking to UNI about the Rajni 'mania' Mr Ashok said he had been a fan of the super star since he turned 12. "There is not a single Rajni film that I have missed. I have watched a few of his films about 25 times," said Ashok Asked why he admires the actor so much, Ashok says "his style, humble nature despite, his achievement and the humane qualities in him attracted me.' And on his part, 'Rajni's gift to his fans was the release of his Shankar directed film 'Sivaji'- this time in 3D format.

The actor who addressed his fans in front of his residence in the morning told them that he would be happy if the celebrate the birthday of their parents and 'shower love, care and respect.' Expressing his gratitude to his fans for making his birthday a event to celebrate, Rajni said "it is an emotional moment for me to see so many of you here. I am indebted to you." Striking a philosophical note the God fearing actor advised his fans, "Always think positive and the result would be good." On the release of his earlier film in '3D' on his birthday, Rajni told his fans "it is my birthday gift to you all. I will be happy if people watch it as success of 3D films will help film makers to produce epics like Ramayana and Mahabharata also in 3D"

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Published On : Dec 12, 2012