Published photo, news on Bhagya Laxmi temple totally false:Niranjan

Hyderabad, Nov 21 : Andhra Pradesh Congress Committee (APCC) General Secretary G Niranjan today alleged the people of Hyderabad City feel that the photo and news published in the Hindu newspaper in connection with the Bhagya Laxmi Temple at Charminar was totally false, fabricated, misguiding and distorting the truth.

In a media statement here, he said 'no original Hyderabadi believes it. The news item on this sensitive issue during this tense situation is ill motivated.' The Congress leader said the Charminar is having places of worship of both the communities at the site for several centuries sending a message to the entire world about rich secular traditions of the Gangajamuni Tehzeeb of Hyderabad City through the tourists visiting from all corners of the world.

The reporter tried to re-write the history of Hyderabad without knowing the history of the Temple and verifying the facts with native Citizens of Hyderabad and respecting the sentiments of the people. 'No one can deny the existence of Matha Idol in a small 'Shilakaram' and which is worshipped by all', he said.Mr Niranjan said it was surprising that the author of the report on his own came to the conclusion on the basis of a photo that the temple was few decades old where as the High Court, in its order of November five, mentioned that it was not in dispute that the temple was there for a long period. He said the author of the report should have talked to the Old aged Hyderabadis to assertain the history of the temple and should have gone inside the temple to see the original Matha's 'Shilakaram' which was damaged in 1979 incidents after 'Kaba incident.'

The present structure was made at the intiative of government to protect the temple from such incidents in future. The Bhagyalaxmi Temple at Charminar and Jagadamba Temple and Mahankali Temples at Golconda khila are examples how religious tolerance was there even during the period of Muslim rulers, Mr Niranjan claimed.

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Published On : Nov 21, 2012