Implement democracy properly: Ambedkar's grandson

Mysore, Nov 26 : The concepts of democracy, brotherhood, equality and freedom should be properly understood and effectively implemented to reap the true benefits, Opined Prakash Y Ambedkar, political leader and grandson of late Dr B R Ambedkar.

'The concept of democracy is not being properly implemented in the country,' He said after inaugurating a three-day national seminar on 'Dalit development and inclusive growth: Issues and prospects' organised by Dr B R Ambedkar Research & Extension Centre of Mysore University, at Senate Bhavan in Manasagan-gotri here Speaking about the political scenario in the country today, Prakash said: 'We are lacking good political leaders with quality vision and forethought.

After Ambedkar and Nehru, there has been a vacuum in politics. To a certain extent, Atal Behari Vajpayee tried to bridge the gap. As of now, I do not anticipate any true good leader for the next 20 years. For good leadership, education is also vital.' Referring to the perennial water rows cropping up again and again between States, Prakash Ambedkar said that the Supreme Court too had to function under specific framework and limits, necessitating a good equation and co-operation between States for an early and long-lasting amicable solution Referring to the younger generation, Prakash said they possess a sort of ethos and need a principled guideline by elders. He opined that in today's materialistic world, a value-based system with good accountability was essential to see desired results.

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Published On : Nov 26, 2012