Jaya condemns hike in railway fares, demands rollback

Chennai, Jan 9 : Tamil Nadu Chief Minister and AIADMK Supremo J Jayalithaa today condemned the Centre for hiking the railway fares and demanded immediate withdrawal keeping the people's interest in mind.

In a statement here, she said at a time when the people were hit hard by the rising prices, inflation and hike in prices of kerosene, petrol, diesel and LPG, the increase in passenger fares ahead of the railway budget, was akin to rubbing salt into their wounds. Noting that the railway fare hike would badly affect the poor people, Ms Jayalalithaa expressed her strong condemnation to it.

She said the Centre was continuing its anti-people measures when the people and economic experts wanted the government to take steps to control rising prices, increase productivity, create job opportunities, set up a tranmission corridor for southern region, get back the black money stashed in foreign banks, control inflation and reduce the interest rates. "The present hike in railway fares will pose additional burden on the poor people", she said and demanded the Centre, in which the DMK is a partner, to immediately withdraw the hike in the interests of the poor.

- Agencies

Published On : Jan 09, 2013