AP Banks CD ratio highest in country: SLBC President

Hyderabad, Feb 2 : The deposits and advances of Banks in Andhra Pradesh was Rs 3,69,724 crore and Rs 4,32,712 crore with YoY growth of 19.94 per cent and 24.07 per cent respectively at the end September,2012. In absolute terms the growth in despoists during first half year was Rs 27,830 crore and during three quarters Rs 32,836 crore, State level Bankers' Committee(SLBC) President and Andhra Bank Managing Director B A Prabhar said at the 108th SLBC meeting which Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister N.Kiran Kumar Reddy and Finance Minister Anam Ramnarayana Reddy also attended.

The growth in advances during first half year was Rs 38,314 crore and during three quarters, is Rs 53,040 crore (provisional), he said. The Credit Deposit Raito of Banks in the state stood at 117.04 per cent as on September 30,2012 and at 119.40 per cent as on December 31,2012 (provisional) which continues to be one of the highest in the country, SLBC President said. Under Agricultural sector, against the Kharif target of Rs 31,630 crore, banks disbursed Rs 37,986 crore surpassing the target by Rs 6,356 crore achievement of 120.09 per cent while under Agriculture production credit and investment credit, the achievement is 116.75 per cent and 130.30 per cent respectively, he said.

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Published On : Feb 02, 2013