'Mr India' body building tourney begins on May 7

Chennai, May 4 : More than 400 body builders from 27 states and seven sports promotion boards would participate in the 53rd 'Mr India' senior national body building championship to be held here from May 7 to 9.

The championship would be organised by popular Fitness Centre chain--Atelier's Fitness. Talking to reporters here today, Indian Body Building Association (IBBA) Vice President M Arasu, IBBA Joint Secretary and Chennai District Body Building Secretary T K Gurunathan and Atelier's Fitness CEO Sushila said events would be held for both men and women.

There would be 10 events for men to select Mr India. In the women's section, there would be two events to select 'women's fitness'. In the men's section, events would be held across various weight categories, while in women it would held on height basis -- below 163 cms and above 163 cms.

Top five finishers in each of the 12 categories in both sections would be given cash awards. The first place winner--Mr India--would get Rs 10,000 followed by Rs 7,000, Rs 5,000, Rs 4,000 and Rs 3,000 respectively for the second to fifth place winners. They said 'Champion of Champions' will be selected among the first place winners in the men's section and he would be given a cash award of Rs 50,000 and a motorbike.

Apart from this, cash awards of Rs,5000 each would be given to 'Best Poser' and the 'Most improved Body builder'. The event assumes significance as the Indian team for various Asian and South Asian Championships would be picked up from this championship. Ms Susheela thanked the IBBF for allotting the event to Atelier's Fitness Centre and said the tournament would provide a fillip to body building in the State.



Published On : May 04, 2013