Explosive materials seized at hillock

Madurai, Nov 02 : Police seized explosive powder and other materials with which Improvised Explosive Device (IED) and other explosives could be fabricated from the Tirupparankundram hill, where the ancient 'Kasi Viswanathar Temple' and a 'Dargah' were situated, here last night.

Acting on a tip off, personnel of Tamil Nadu Bomb Detection and Disposal (BDDS) squad, sleuths of Special Investigation Team (SIT), led by Deputy Superintendent of Police (DSP) Ravichandran rushed to the hillock and after an intense search, the police team recovered a plastic bucket from an isolated area. The bucket contained ammonium nitrate powder, four timer devices, 16 numbers of 9 volt batteries, 6 pen-torch batteries, PVC pipes with lids, wire bundles, detonators, switches and petrol.

Talking to newsmen, Ravichandran said the timer devices were not connected to the wires, but however the explosive materials could be fabricated into atleast three numbers of IEDs and other explosives. Police have registered a case and are investigating to find out the culprits. This is the seventh such incident in Madurai since last year. The first was the explosion of a low intensity crude bomb in a dust bin near Mattuthavani Integrated City Bus Terminal during May 2011. In second incidence.

A similar Bomb was detected from a state transport corporation bus at a TNSTC Bus Depot at Pudur on September 30, 2011. In third incident, a powerful 'Pipe Bomb' was recovered by the police beneath a Causeway at Alampatti village near Tirumangalam, a couple of hours before senior BJP Leader L.K.Advani's 'Jan Chetna' Rath Yatra was scheduled to pass over it on October 29, 2011. The Pipe bomb was made of 'Power Gel 90,' an improvised version of Gelatine which is said to be highly lethal explosive.

Police cited Fakrudeen alias 'Police' Fakrudeen, an Islamic fundamentalist as the prime accused in the pipe bomb, which was an attempt on Advani life. Though police picked up a few persons on suspicion, no headway was made in the case as Fakrudeen was still elusive.A 'Tiffin Box Bomb' fitted with a Timer was found planted inside a TNSTC bus, which was proceeding to Periyar Bus Stand from Thiruvathavur village in Madurai on December 7, 2011. However, the bomb was timely detected and defused by the police with the help of passengers.

A low intensity bi-cycle bomb went off near 'Sri Ram Temple' at Anna Nagar here on May one, this year. Police suspect the bomb was exploded to disrupt the 5th State Conference of BJP, titled 'Thaamarai Sangamam' (Lotus Confluence) that was scheduled for May 10 and 11, in which senior party leaders Nitin Gadkari, Advani, Sushma Swaraj, Venkaiah Naidu and others took part. A former activist of banned Islamic ultra outfit 'Al Umma' Umar Farook (36) received a parcel bomb from an unidentified youth in his shop at South Krishnan Street in the city on August four, last in the sixth incident.

The parcel bombs contained two IED's connected to a timer and battery. The parcel bomb assumed significance, as Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi was invited to inaugurate a two-day Global Sourashtra Meet-2012 on the day, but however Modi could not turn up for the conference. Even as the police were struggling to make any breakthrough in the previous bomb plots, especially the powerful Pipe bomb targeting Advani in Madurai, the recovery of explosive materials at Tirupparankundram hillock kept the police on their toes.

- Agencies

Published On : Nov 02, 2012